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4, semi disbelief/joy

Today is bittersweet. Not in the way you’d think either. Sure I’m balancing between semi disbelief and full joy that my daughter has been with us for 4 years! That said, isn’t life in general a balance between those two … Continue reading

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Letting go so she can be who I want her to be 

M is not the same when I’m around. If you’ve ever spent time with children you probably know they act different when familiar faces are around. Marijka is no exception. She’s attending her first summer camp this week. It’s yoga … Continue reading

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I’m not good with titles 

We all have that one person. It could be a friend, spouse, niece, nephew, close or extended family member… Someone who words just can’t adequately express how we feel about them. This could be positive or negative expression but the … Continue reading

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