What I want this Mother’s  day (and the rest to come)

What I want this Mother’s Day and honestly all the rest to come is for this weekend to pass as peacefully and harmlessly as possible for my close friends and the strangers I may never meet, yet, who I know struggle with watching their dream slowly slip away from them.  

If we all take a moment, each one of us has had a moment in our life where we’ve realized achieving one of our dreams is going to be a lot harder than we ever anticipated. A lot more difficult than we ever imagined it could be, it SHOULD be. A lot more challenging then apparently it is for everyone else around us. Obviously you do everything you can to achieve it and some actually do, usually at a great cost which they’ll say was worth every challenging and down right painful moment, right? However, for others at some point they become exhausted, depleted, completely run dry and what if their dream is still out of reach? Unexplained and seemingly impossible to attain despite every effort on their part?

Now imagine if there is an event every year that celebrates your dream and all those who have (seemingly) easily attained it. Yet you aren’t celebrated. You smile, you try to celebrate with others all while your heart is breaking and your mind can only think will I ever be celebrated for achieving this? Is this in the cards for me or is my life going a different route? It’s not that you aren’t happy with life the way it is. Your life could be so full in other ways and you could be completely content with so much about your life yet still wonder why this dream of yours, the dream you thought was a given, there for the taking when you were ready, is so much more difficult for you than most and may no longer be attainable for you? 

It doesn’t seem fair does it? Life isn’t fair and some times life really hurts. It isn’t fair some have a holiday to celebrate their dreams and others don’t. It isn’t fair those who have to work so hard to achieve their dreams, or be told it isn’t possible have to watch others who don’t appear to deserve or appreciate those same dreams go on and achieve them, take advantage of them and sometimes even abuse them. 

Does this mean no one should celebrate? Does this mean holidays like this shouldn’t exist and those who are being celebrated should go around feeling miserable and not celebrate what life has given them? Of course not. That’s not what anyone wants. 

My hope for this Mother’s Day (and the rest to come) is that I can fully appreciate what I have. Acknowledge the dream I’ve worked hard for and remember that not everyone who puts everything they have into this dream gets the same result. What I want for this Mother’s Day (and the rest to come) is for everyone to look beyond themselves. Take a step back and look at the world around you. Remember everyone has dreams and we have no idea what they are doing to try and achieve them. They could currently be struggling and giving their all to achieve them despite not knowing the outcome in the end. 

Grace. Love. An open heart and a listening ear. I’ve always liked the saying we have two ears and one mouth because we’re meant to listen twice as much as we speak. I’m still working on this but I do believe it. We’ll all be a lot better off when we share grace, love, an open heart and listening ears with one another. Please remember that this Mother’s Day (and the rest to come). 

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  1. Jacqueline Holmes says:

    I love you! One of the reasons I feel in love with our church is because the first time we visited was on Mother’s Day, and I was expecting the usual mother’s celebration type stuff done by the Pastor and staff to honor mom’s, and instead, what I found was a man so in tune with the fact that Mother’s Day is not an easy holiday for many people, and simply addressed the day with a, “Happy Mother’s Day,” and went on with his sermon and the worship! It was such a welcome change knowing that the members of the church didn’t have to stay home and miss service because it was Mother’s Day. They could come, and not feel left out. That kind of compassion just solidified that it was the right place for us! Thanks for sharing your heart and your experience Robin!!

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