Mother’s Day 2015


We are finally home, you are snuggled in bed and Sam is snuggled beside me. It’s been a long weekend. You’ve been sick. This is the first time you’ve been this sick. We’ve made it 15months healthy as can be so I guess we were due. This weekend, Mother’s Day weekend, you were not feeling well. You ran a fever, it was accompanied by a nasty barking cough and being lathargic. For my second Mother’s Day with you I received many snuggles. 

You are already a momma’s girl but being sick it was full on. You wanted no one but me. I couldn’t be out of your sight. I tried not to be since you could barely cry without breaking my heart because of your sore throat and lost voice. So I held you, I nursed you, I comforted you all weekend long. I hope the worst is behind us and you’ll wake up tomorrow feeling much better. 

I wouldn’t trade anything for being your mother. I feel blessings and love, so very much of both, each and every day. 

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