Let it go

“Let it go” is a very popular song these days. The movie, Frozen, has been in theaters for months and has won many awards.

This version of the song is quite comical and I couldn’t resist sharing. When you go to the webpage scroll down and watch the video. It’s just plain awesome.

One of the first things I believe new parents learn is to let go. Let go of everything because you can’t control anything.
Let go of the undone chores.
Let go of the lack of sleep.
Let go of the fact that newborns don’t know day from night.
Let go of the meals that are cold by the time you sit down to try and eat them.
Let go of the days you don’t have time for a shower or to even get out of your pajamas.
Let go of stress.
Let go of the old you.
Let go of your expectations and embrace reality.

Live in the moment. This moment is all we are promised. We don’t know what tomorrow holds so remember to focus on today. This moment hold your loved ones close and take it all in.

Let go of the past. Let go of an unknown future. Embrace now.

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