Thanks for my readers

Not sure what to write about but figure I should keep this up because otherwise this blog will fall off the face of the earth again. Now we don’t want that to happen, do we? Some very important people in my life read this blog. People who really care about me and what is happening in my life. (hence the title) Our Journey continues and plenty is happening. We continue to take each day as it comes and each moment, one at a time, unfolds into something new. Thank you for reading and caring.

*Update* 9/4/12

I wrote this originally back in 2010 when my blog was still titled, Our Journey. Of course I found it still to be appropriate. I just want to thank everyone who takes time out their busy schedule to read my blog and sometimes even leave a comment. It’s nothing special just me writing about life and all it’s miracles, especially the ones you have to wait for.

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