Sleep, awake, alert, and overstimulation

M is sleeping on me as I type this. Last night she was really off. I chalked it up to the shots she received Wed. Then today we went to a music class at the library. It was fun but a little overstimulating for M after a few minutes.

I find myself having to remember now that she’s more alert and taking everything in around her she’s bound to be overstimulated easier. I’ve noticed a coupe times where she looks uncertain and just wants to be close. I realize she has to be exposed to the world in small doses and still feel safe and secure at the same time. That’s why I absolutely love my carriers. Baby wearing isn’t something I thought much about but knew it was for me once I found out I was pregnant and especially once I had M. Paul or I have pretty much been wearing her in either the Lillebaby or Moby wrap at least once a day since birth.



We’ve commented how now that she’s more alert and aware we can see her peeking her little head out to take in the world. Yet she can feel safe and secure by being close to us at the same time. She looks like a little turtle or bug. I’ve been noticing I’ve been calling her baby bug and lady bug lately. Along with baby girl which has always kind of been her nickname with me, along with M of course.

Since arriving home from the library she’s been a little off. I think the music class may have been a little much for her. She finally fell asleep and is now passed out on my chest.

One thing I’ve noticed is how much M loves being on her tummy. I wonder if the carriers have anything to do with this. She prefers her tummy to her back for sure. This means she hates the car seat so the stroller is rarely used. In fact when I’ve taken the stroller somewhere I usually end up pushing the diaper bag and wearing M. Now she will tolerate her back for short periods of time (a little more than what most kids will allow for tummy time) and does sleep on her back all night. Of course I’m pretty convinced she’ll be a tummy sleeper once she can roll over. I’ve already noticed her wanting to be on her tummy for naps and I’ve been battling this internally because of SIDS. If she does fall asleep during tummy time I’ll usually roll her over once she’s completely asleep. Sometimes she stays asleep and other times if she really needs a nap and she wakes up instantly I’ll just hold her for that nap. We’ll have to see how this progresses. Since returning from Montreal where most of her naps were on the go, I’ve noticed this more. She’s been fighting sleep too since becoming more alert. All of this is normal just a bit challenging at times.

I love my little bug. She is worth it all especially when she looks so darn cute! I have to say thanks again to her namesake who shared more clothes with us then M will be able to wear in her entire life. I just went through the 0-3 and 3 month bins. The 3 month outfits are a bit big but she looks so darn cute in these outfits I don’t care.



Have a great Easter weekend everyone!



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2 months

M had her two month appt today. She’s in the 50th percentile for height at 22 1/2in and although she did gain weight she dropped from the 50th to 25th percentile for weight. She made double digits and is now 10lbs. She’s finally passed big brother Samuel in weight. :) The doctor isn’t concerned about her weight. He said we’ll just see where she is in two more months. As long as she keeps gaining it’s all good.

She had shots today too. Funny thing is I don’t know what bothered her, the shots or having to be on her back to get them. She started crying before she got the shots because she had to lie on her back. As soon as I picked her up she was just fine. Now she’s been sleeping all afternoon. I hope that her little body takes it all in stride. I feel bad to have put her through it all but hope it’s for the best.

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Marijka Monday

This past week M had so many exciting experiences. I’d venture to say she’s done more in two months then some people have their entire lives. Speaking of two months…


That was taken Sat when M was exactly 8 weeks old. Sure the 15th will also be two months since she was born Feb 15th but 8 weeks equals two months and that fell on April 12th. It’s complicated but that’s how we’re counting.

So last week we were in Montreal. M and I had a great time sightseeing. Paul got to join us in the evenings so it was a great vacation even though Paul was there on business. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest…













As you’ll see, M was in the carrier a lot. Therefore she will not nap today unless she is in the carrier and I am walking around. :/ Its 3:15pm and she’s slept a total of an hour (maybe hour and a half) since waking up at 6am. On the flip side she’s been sleeping fantastic overnight. We even had our first all night of sleep (9pm-6am) last Wednesday. She’s down to only waking once overnight to eat and that’s usually around 3am. I guess it’s not a bad trade off.

Also it feels like summer today. (Hence the pic from today of M in her diaper). Thank you for sunshine and warm weather.

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