He will take care of you

Miss M this morning, like most mornings, we read a story from The Jesus Story book Bible your Godmother gave you. You’ve got some amazing people in your life. Most importantly you have Jesus. He loves you and like the story we read this morning reminds us, He will always take care of you.

Matthew 6, 9 and Luke 12


God cares for the sparrow and the flower’s needs. You are more important to Him than either of those. He will feed you and clothe you and always provide for you. Trust Him, even when it’s hard to feel Him, He promises He will never leave your side. You are too important to Him.

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Weight and pictures

So I weighed Miss M last night and she came in just under 14lbs at 13lb 12oz. That’s a decent gain since her last appt at 13.7lbs. Here’s some pics from the week…










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Marijka Monday (7months!)


Today Miss M is 7 months old! I cannot believe where the time has gone. Sadly she woke up this morning with her first runny nose. I can’t tell if it may be her first cold or just be associated with teething. Last night she wasn’t necessarily up more often than usual but when she was awake she was more unsettled. There are no other symptoms of a cold (maybe slight congestion but not enough to concern me) so I hope it’s just teeth related. None have popped through yet but I’m anticipating them within the next month. We’ll see.

So what’s been going on with little lady? Well I definitely don’t have as much time to write here. I had a topic I wanted to write about last week and never got around to it. So I’ll cover it now as she sleeps in my arms.

Miss M’s weight

I should probably wait to write this until after I weigh her because both Paul and I feel like she’s grown all of a sudden and must weigh more than she did recently. Anyway she’s only in the 4th percentile for weight when it comes to her age. At her last weigh in she was 13lb 7 oz.

She’s been waking up often since five months old. I finally talked to a lactation consultant and the pediatrician to figure out if she really needed these night feedings or not. With her not taking bottles it’s impossible to tell how much she’s taking in.

So we went to the doctor a couple weeks ago. They weighed her then I nursed her and then we weighed her again. She’d only gained 2oz! That said I’ve always nursed on demand and let her unlatch on her own. So she was done. Sometimes this will last her 2-3hrs other times (like this day) when we got home she nursed again (within an hour) for the same amount of time. So we can assume she really got 4oz combined which is pretty normal. She just did it in two settings instead of one. Long story short, including those night feedings she’s only taking in around 20-25oz max in a 24 hour period of time. That’s ok just on the lower end of normal.

So I talked with the lactation consultant and asked which advice I’d received from others I should try. Should I try and make her wait 3 hrs between feedings so she’ll be “more hungry”? ( note: this doesn’t work because whenever she goes 3 hrs she’s ready to eat again 1-2hrs later as if she’s trying to make up for missing something. This is what happened at the doctors because I waited 3 hrs wanting to make sure she was hungry and would nurse) OR should I try to feed her more often, risking teaching her to snack, so she “fills up” during the day and doesn’t need those overnight feedings? (This doesn’t really work either)

The lactation consultant recommended I offer to nurse every two hours. If she takes it great if not just re-offer when she’s hungry. That’s kinda what I’d already been doing. What she added was let’s start making the solids I offer her more healthy fats. So we’re not adding more food to her diet and “stuffing” her which I’ve always hating hearing parents say they do just to get their kids to sleep at night. Instead we are making what she does eat better and good for her to gain weight. This may be working.

After offering mostly finger foods (because she grabs stuff off my plate) I’ve made sure to purée food as well and offer that 3 times a day. She loves finger food but doesn’t consume as much because it’s more fun to play with, lots of things are slippery and hard to pick up and the purees I can tell she’s getting down because I’m feeding them to her directly. She’s still eating finger foods but I know how much she’s consuming of purees too.

She’s still waking up at night to eat but it’s gotten considerably better. She’ll now do at least one good 5-6hour stretch. Yes that still sounds awful for a 7 month old but that’s better than waking up every 2-3 hrs which she had been doing for nearly two months!

Another thing the lactation consultant told me was even though she’s 7 months old she has a smaller stomach. So she’s nursing on demand as she needs. Which just happens to be smaller amounts, more frequently. You can try but rarely can you make a baby conform to what is convenient for you as the parent. So, for now, I’ll take the 5-6hour stretch and be happy knowing M is healthy and developing right on schedule. She’s just small and there’s nothing wrong with that!

In fact, I’ve begun to be appreciative she gained weight well when it counted. In the first few months she gained weight great and no one was concerned about supply or brought up supplementation. Around 3-4 months she just slowed down, maybe her metabolism kicked into high gear? Who knows, but I’m glad to know it’s not a supply issue and instead she’s just doing what she knows to do and is getting calories when she needs them. If it’s more often than another baby her age, I’ll just remind myself every baby is different. Miss M is healthy and happy and that’s what matters the most!

When she wakes up I’ll weigh her and post her new weight with a few recent pics. Love to all! Have a great week!

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