Marijka Monday

It’s Monday again. This past week we’ve officially been experiencing fall (and sometimes winter) temperatures. We’ve pulled out the cold weather gear and continued to enjoy being outside.




Some more pics from our week….











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Marijka Monday

Today doesn’t feel like Monday but I just remembered it was so I’m posting before I forget. Lol

Paul was off work today and it’s been lovely. We went to NH for the weekend. M spent time with Paul’s family and it was very fun relaxing and enjoying one another’s company. It was the first time we were in NH it really felt like we relaxed. Usually we are running around visiting everyone or taking care of something. It was so nice to just visit family and have no plans. M was spoiled by her Aunt and Grandparents.

She did really well sticking to her two naps a day even in a new environment. The first night she was a little confused sleeping in a pack n play in a new environment but by the next day I laid her down awake and she fell asleep on her own just like she does most of the time in her crib.

This week I’m looking forward to learning new ways to use my woven wrap. It’s Babywearing international week so the local chapter, here in Boston, are having meet ups every day. M and I are going to a wrapping class on Thursday! Can’t wait!

Today we checked out a new store that opened yesterday in Boston. It’s the Make Way for Ducklings store. It’s an adorable children’s store and I love that the book I grew up reading is now a part of my every day life here in Boston.

Have a great week everyone! It’ll be hard to top our wonderful weekend!









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Marijka Monday (on Wednesday)

Monday I wrote the title, Tuesday I thought for sure this would get written, here it is Wednesday and I’m hopeful it’ll get finished and published.

It’s been busy here. Last week we picked up some pumpkins and had M had so much fun feeling the outside.



IMG_6963.JPGThis afternoon A couple hours ago M and her friends explored the inside of these pumpkins. It was so cute!









Seriously I look away for a second and the girl is eating the pumpkin guts. Ew! Mind you it takes her 20min to put a piece of food in her mouth!

This week we’ve also been working on sleep. She is consistently taking two naps a day now. She also goes to bed around the same time most nights. (6:30pm) She’s been waking up a couple hours later and I’m still trying to figure out if she really needs to eat then or not. She’s only once went back to sleep on her own without eating. There is so just so much to it. How much did she eat during the day? Did I have time for solids? Did she really nurse well before she fell asleep? Sometimes if her afternoon nap is early or short she’s so tired by 6:30 she just passes out so it makes sense she wakes up to eat a couple hours later. She also then sleeps from 9/10pm until 3:30am which is a nice stretch of sleep for me so I don’t hate nursing her before I go to bed. It’s kinda like the “dream feed” other moms tell me they do. The difference is M is waking up and it’s not really a “dream feed”. Either way we are figuring this thing out. She still falls asleep on her own when I know she doesn’t have gas and isn’t hungry so when she consistently cries and cries I still believe she needs something. Sometimes she’ll burp or she’ll pass gas, or nurse then lay back down and go to sleep peacefully. One of these days I’ll get more than 4-5hours straight. I won’t complain though because it was just a few short weeks ago she was waking 3-4 times a night and now it’s down the 9/10pm one and 3:30am one. Since I don’t go to bed until 930pm then I count that as one time waking up. Not too bad if you ask me.

Well I’m going to end this before M wakes up and this is postponed another day. Happy Wednesday! Hope this week is treating you well.

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