New skills

Well being sick sure hasn’t slowed down my girl. In the past week she started crawling and then today proudly sat up all on her own. So she’s been sitting up since 5 and half months but today she got into the sitting position all on her own from her belly. Of course this was at nap time and sleep was the last thing on her mind. I mean who has time to sleep when you can crawl around in your crib and then sit up and entertain yourself.

The second nap of the day was a little more successful. Thankfully she can get back down to laying down on her own. Unfortunately she rolls right to her back but wants to sleep on her tummy. She has to work on rolling back to her tummy (she can but won’t) but for today I went in and repositioned her. It didn’t make her very happy when I left again but she did fall asleep after sitting back up just one more time for the fun of it all.

I can’t believe how fast these new developments happen. I feel like she sat up forever and now she’s on the move. My baby is becoming a big girl!

On another note she was a very brave girl yesterday at her 9 month check up. There were no shots but they did a blood draw to test for iron and lead. It was awful. They couldn’t find a vein in their first attempt so I ordered them to remove the needle and try the other arm. Thankfully they found one quickly in her other arm. We both did great but it was so hard seeing her so upset. I was holding her, had her lovey close by and sang twinkle twinkle little star and it seemed to soothe her some during the whole ordeal. Then when it was over we promptly went out to the waiting area and I nursed her. It was over and we both survived. I’m very proud of my brave girl and myself, for keeping it together for her. It was just one of those days being a mommy was a little harder but oh so worth it.





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Sick baby

I knew it was inevitable. At some point my baby girl would get sick. Other than a brief runny nose one or two days she’s been healthy for nearly 9 months! Last night she woke up with a very runny nose all while congested at the same time. She sounded and felt awful. She wouldn’t sleep in her crib and needed to sleep upright to breathe. She woke up multiple times. It was hard for her to nurse because she was so stuffy.

With some Tylenol for a low grade fever we all got some rest and she finally woke up for the day at 730. She was a different baby. She was her super happy, smiley, chatting self. She didn’t want to be down on her own for long but overall she was pretty happy. After breakfast and a better nursing session she fell back to sleep a little after 9am. At 11am she’s still asleep! Her little body knows what it needs and I’m so glad she went down in her crib for this nap. I whipped up some chicken noodle soup and one of her favorite veggies (Green beans, but she loves them all!) for when she wakes up.

It’s so hard to see your baby under the weather. It’s even harder not getting any sleep and seeing them so tired but unable to settle. I’m so glad her little body and mind is giving herself a good rest. I’m sure she’ll wake up feeling much better!


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Finding time for mom

Anyone will tell you that as a parent your life is not your own. Finding time to yourself is one of the most challenging tasks. It is one more thing on the “to do list”. Make time for yourself seems to be that one thing you never can cross off the list. It’s always there waiting to be done.

A few weekends ago I feel like I finally crossed it off. You know what though? It’s back at the top again! Finding time for yourself is important. It’s like milk, eggs, and bread. You may have just bought them last week but there they are at the top of the list again.

It may feel like you’re never catching up but those five minutes you take, just to sit down, can make all the difference in the world. A few weekends ago I left Marijka for the longest time since she’s been born. I attended a women’s conference in Vermont from 9-3:30. Paul and M came with me to Vermont and I nursed M before the conference, once in the middle at our lunch break and then at the end of the conference. There were two short breaks (in addition to lunch) that I didn’t see them. Paul and M went off and enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage and explored the state of VT while I enjoyed my conference. It was hard but I managed to let go of my “mom” title (fear that M would need me or not nap or starve, etc) and embrace this day as a woman. It was such an encouraging and uplifting conference and I’m SO VERY thankful I attended it. You know what else? M took her usual two naps, didn’t stave and did just fine without me. This made me mostly happy but also a little sad.

I don’t have any plans to leave M for that long again but I am making more time for me. Though M depends on me for a lot, both her and I need time to ourselves as well.


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