Blogging with baby

So as my usual followers probably have noticed I don’t post as often as I used to. In fact sometimes my weekly Monday post is late or forgotten all together. My blogging life has changed. I’m not one of those writers where writing comes easily. Actually that’s not a very good statement. Writing doesn’t always come easy or naturally to a lot of writers. I guess what I mean is when I used to blog it was usually because something is burning in my soul and at that very moment I sit down and work through it by writing. Since having M I’ve still had those moments when I wish I could drop everything and write.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple with a baby. Now I have to put those thoughts or feelings to the side until M’s asleep or self entertaining and I have a moment to write. You know what, though? I just don’t have the same passion and I just can’t write about a burning in my soul that’s no longer burning. So many of these thoughts or feelings I need to sort through are instead getting pushed away only to resurface later in hopes to be surfacing at time I have a moment to figure them all out.

The thing is I can’t drop everything and I don’t want to drop everything. When M is awake I want to be engaging with her not writing. When she’s sleeping at night I usually go to bed and choose to sleep shortly after her. During naps I could write, and sometimes I do, but all us moms know how much stuff is staring us in the eye to get accomplished during those precious, but never long enough, naps. So I guess you could say writing is a priority for me right now. I know plenty of amazing writers who NEED to write. I’ve always done it as a way to sort stuff out. I guess there are days I’ll still wish I had taken the time to write but if it ever comes down to spending another moment with M or sorting my feelings out through writing, right or wrong, I’m going to choose time with my daughter. I admire those who can do both and wish I had that ability. Unfortunately I’m one of those that if I don’t write when the passion is on my mind and in my heart well then it just doesn’t come out and I’m ok with that.

So if you don’t see a blog post for awhile this is why. I do hope to make time soon to write about yesterday. I went to a women’s conference and Paul watched Marijka most of the day. We all survived but boy is it hard being away from your child. Trust me that’s an entire other post.

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Marijka Monday

It’s Monday again. This past week we’ve officially been experiencing fall (and sometimes winter) temperatures. We’ve pulled out the cold weather gear and continued to enjoy being outside.




Some more pics from our week….











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Marijka Monday

Today doesn’t feel like Monday but I just remembered it was so I’m posting before I forget. Lol

Paul was off work today and it’s been lovely. We went to NH for the weekend. M spent time with Paul’s family and it was very fun relaxing and enjoying one another’s company. It was the first time we were in NH it really felt like we relaxed. Usually we are running around visiting everyone or taking care of something. It was so nice to just visit family and have no plans. M was spoiled by her Aunt and Grandparents.

She did really well sticking to her two naps a day even in a new environment. The first night she was a little confused sleeping in a pack n play in a new environment but by the next day I laid her down awake and she fell asleep on her own just like she does most of the time in her crib.

This week I’m looking forward to learning new ways to use my woven wrap. It’s Babywearing international week so the local chapter, here in Boston, are having meet ups every day. M and I are going to a wrapping class on Thursday! Can’t wait!

Today we checked out a new store that opened yesterday in Boston. It’s the Make Way for Ducklings store. It’s an adorable children’s store and I love that the book I grew up reading is now a part of my every day life here in Boston.

Have a great week everyone! It’ll be hard to top our wonderful weekend!









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