How small decisions can turn great

There have been a few stories or personal situations I’ve heard lately that really have me thinking. One decision can really go far. One choice or action can change the world. Actions impact lives in ways you may never fully comprehend. One small decision can turn into the most wonderful and amazing situation. It could also do the opposite if you’re not careful.

This is powerful, amazing, and intimidating all in one.

If I only teach Marijka a handful of things in her life one of them will be to make careful, thought out decisions. Not to spend too much time mulling over things but when it comes to making an important decision, putting both time and effort (along with brain cells and common sense) into it is essential to making the best one.

Don’t be a lemming, pave your own path, be strong, confident, and opinionated. At the same time be thoughtful, humble, caring, and joyful.

Think of others before yourself. You can’t go wrong when you put yourself in other’s shoes. Your feet may hurt until you put yours back on but you’ll have an appreciation for your own shoes after living in someone else’s for a time. You may even have a better understanding why they walk the way they do, while you walk the way you prefer.

Life is full of choices everywhere you turn. Let no one tell you that your choices only affect you. That’s just not possible. In the same way others choices will affect you. You can’t change others but you can change you. Respond appropriately, distance yourself when needed. Reflect before responding. If we all did this the world may become a better place.



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Choosing JOY

A friend shared a story with me this morning about how God showed her a rainbow at the precise time she needed one. During our conversation I said God loves you and He knows the future and has already prepared a way for you through whatever comes. I then realized I needed to remember those same words…

I’ve been so angry, emotional and frustrated these past few days. I guess now I know why I’ve been so hormonal. I started my first cycle yesterday since getting pregnant. I should be thankful it’s been 18 months since I’ve had to deal with this part of a being a woman. Instead the timing of the start of this cycle made me angry. I’ve been praying non stop going back and forth asking God WHY and asking/praising Him for helping me to CHOOSE JOY amidst all circumstances. He’s preparing a way for me to still enjoy this vacation and since the GIG conference I went to in October I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how JOY is a choice. I want to choose JOY instead of letting life and the enemy steal it. God knows more than I and he’ll be with each of us today, tomorrow and forever. How awesome is it to have someone who’s been there and done that? He’s already prepared a path for us so nothing is a surprise. That makes it a little easier to choose JOY because HE was, is, and is to come! Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! There’s a lot to be thankful for. Just a few of the things I’m thankful for are:

So far my cycle isn’t as painful as everyone told me the first one can be.

Our church has power so despite over 200,000 homes being without power this holiday we, along with the community, can enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

We are flying to warmer weather tomorrow!

Last but certainly not least:










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New skills

Well being sick sure hasn’t slowed down my girl. In the past week she started crawling and then today proudly sat up all on her own. So she’s been sitting up since 5 and half months but today she got into the sitting position all on her own from her belly. Of course this was at nap time and sleep was the last thing on her mind. I mean who has time to sleep when you can crawl around in your crib and then sit up and entertain yourself.

The second nap of the day was a little more successful. Thankfully she can get back down to laying down on her own. Unfortunately she rolls right to her back but wants to sleep on her tummy. She has to work on rolling back to her tummy (she can but won’t) but for today I went in and repositioned her. It didn’t make her very happy when I left again but she did fall asleep after sitting back up just one more time for the fun of it all.

I can’t believe how fast these new developments happen. I feel like she sat up forever and now she’s on the move. My baby is becoming a big girl!

On another note she was a very brave girl yesterday at her 9 month check up. There were no shots but they did a blood draw to test for iron and lead. It was awful. They couldn’t find a vein in their first attempt so I ordered them to remove the needle and try the other arm. Thankfully they found one quickly in her other arm. We both did great but it was so hard seeing her so upset. I was holding her, had her lovey close by and sang twinkle twinkle little star and it seemed to soothe her some during the whole ordeal. Then when it was over we promptly went out to the waiting area and I nursed her. It was over and we both survived. I’m very proud of my brave girl and myself, for keeping it together for her. It was just one of those days being a mommy was a little harder but oh so worth it.





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