Best day in a long time

Following up from my last post this day continued to get even better! First Paul and Marijka took a nap together this morning which meant I had a couple hours to myself. After doing the dishes and straightening up a bit I sat down and watched the new season premiere of one of the shows I love. Who knows how long it could have been before I had time to watch it. It was so nice starting my day off with a little me time.

Little did I know that M and Paul would be inseparable most of the day. Aside from eating, and a nice family walk after lunch, to the swings and along the water, Paul and M were together today. This afternoon he took her out and about in the stroller so I could get a massage. This is the first time she’s been away from me for so long without crying a single time! I couldn’t believe it but she even drank 1/2oz of breastmilk from a bottle! I know, right? I packed a bottle with 1oz just in case but honestly didn’t expect her take it. She nursed about an hour before they left so I knew she could get hungry toward the end of their walk but she’s never taken a bottle since she was just a couple weeks old. So even though 1/2oz isn’t much it’s something.

Props to my husband today and every day really. I’ve had one the greatest days in a long time nurturing myself. Now I’m nursing little M to sleep and cherishing every moment she’s in my arms.

Here are some pics of M’s fun day! The last one is during a daddy/daughter date.





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I just had to write because M practically slept all night for the first time in months! She went down at her usual 6:30pm and woke up an hour later which has been her new thing. The past two days she hasn’t napped well during the day so she falls asleep quickly without really nursing well at bedtime. Instead of going in right away at 7:30pm I waited and in less than 5 minutes the fussing stopped and she slept another hour. At 8:30pm I did feed her and then she was back to sleep by 9pm.

This is when I went to bed. Typically I could expect waking up again before midnight but last night I was amazed when I looked at the clock next and it said 3:30am. M had slept from 9-3:30! That’s practically all night! We all woke up at 6:30am for the day and I am already enjoying my well rested self. It’s really beats my exhausted half functioning self. Here’s to a great start to the weekend!

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Marijka Monday

Ok so last night M slept so good. She only woke up once between 7pm-6am. If I hadn’t waited until 10 to go to bed that 2am wake up wouldn’t have been too bad. All in all I can’t complain, it was a good night.

I’m pretty sure M has her first cold. Her nose has been running for a week now and initially I figured it was teething related. Then a cough started and the other night she was coughing a lot. It seemed worse at night but thankfully it didn’t bother her. She didn’t even wake up from coughing. I, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep and was up until 11pm googling “natural ways to relieve infant cough.” Then since that one night the cough hasn’t been too bad.

So we are riding out this cold fairly well. Spending lots of time sitting outside enjoying the fall breeze. I’m a firm believer that fresh air helps everything. Other than a few nights that were rough (mainly because she wanted to snuggle verses sleep in her crib) the cold hasn’t stopped us too much. It’s nice to know that was the reason for her rough nights last week. I’m pretty sure she felt the cold coming on and just wanted to be close.

This weekend we checked out a new T stop that recently opened. There’s outlets being built right off there and a couple were already open. My all time favorite children’s store, Carters, is opening soon along with Osh Kosh. It is a little dangerous for my wallet that those stores are going to be so close to me now. If you’d like to get me a gift for the holidays or bday then gift cards would be in order. :) We did get M a cute fall outfit at one of the children’s stores that were open. We couldn’t resist. Shopping for a girl is just too much fun! However I think I can count on one hand how many outfits I’ve bought her since we have such generous friends. This girl has more clothes than she can ever wear. In October we are going “shopping” in my friend’s closet for fall gear. So thankful for Marijka’s namesake sharing her daughter’s clothes with us.

Here are a few pics from our week. Hope you had a wonderful Monday!











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